Meet the Staff

rs. Kim Mikolajczyk


Kim Mikolajczyk, principal of McDonald school loves the students, families and staff she works with each day. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Idaho, her Master’s Degree from Eastern Washington University and her Education Specialist degree from University of Idaho. After serving as the school counselor at McDonald for 10 years, Kim now leads our school.

She brings a wealth of knowledge about the children, their families as well as working closely with staff and programs within the school and community. Her positive and proactive approach along with getting to know and enjoying each student helps make McDonald Elementary a fantastic place to be!

Kim grew up in Vancouver, Washington, in her large family of seven children. She came to Moscow to attend the University while on a Track scholarship and has never left! She enjoys exploring new places, exciting foods and playing on the St. Joe river in the summer with her husband and two children while out of cell phone range of anyone else.

Classroom Teachers


Mrs. Heidi Palmer

Class website:

Heidi Palmer hails from The Dalles, Oregon and earned a degree in K-8 education and early childhood education from Western Oregon University in 1999. In 2009 she graduated from University of Idaho with a Master’s degree in Special Education.

In the fourth grade, Mrs. Palmer visited her aunt in San Francisco. While there she toured her aunt’s work place, which was a training center for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Over the next several years she raised four guide dogs. It was an awesome experience!

For Mrs. Palmer, being a teacher is a very fulfilling career. She loves watching the children grow socially, as well as academically throughout the course of the year and for years to come. She loves the enthusiasm for learning that Kindergarten children demonstrate each and every day.

Check out Kindergarten’s website:


Mrs. Brandi Urie


Class Website:

Brandi Urie was raised in Boise, Idaho but moved to Moscow in 2000. She has considered the Palouse her home ever since. She graduated from the University of Idaho in 2010 with her B.S. Education and looks forward to completing her Master’s degree with them as well (Go Vandals!). Shortly after graduation, Mrs. Urie taught abroad for two years in Kumamoto, Japan, where she worked with students as young as 3 and as old as 75.

Mrs. Urie enjoys reading, gardening, painting, and the occasional cross-stitch project. She can often be found heading out on grand adventures with her husband, Ryan, her daughter, Alora, and toddler son, Taran. Teaching kindergarten has been a lifelong dream for Mrs. Urie. She loves the unique and inspiring ways kindergarteners engage with their learning community and hopes to instill in all her students an enduring love of learning.

Mrs. Mitzi Wright

Class website:

Mrs. Mitzi Wright was born and raised in Hutchinson, KS.  She met her husband while in college in Missouri and spent nine years in Oklahoma before moving to Idaho in 2003.

She graduated from Ozark Christian College with a degree in Christian Education.  She taught two years in a private school, teaching third grade and Kindergarten.  In 2002 she completed her elementary education certification at the University of Oklahoma.  When she moved to Idaho, she subbed in various districts for two years before working in the Troy School district from 2005-2018.  She spent seven of those years as a one on one aide and recently six years as a second grade teacher.

Mrs. Wright enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking, roller skating, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with her family.  She is the youngest of seven children.  Her siblings range from 12-24 years older than her.  Her family consists of the three amigos, herself, her husband, Eric who is a mental health counselor and her daughter Macie who will be in first grade.  Mitzi is a world traveler and did a small stint in roller derby.

When asked what she loves most about teaching, Mrs. Wright stated that teaching is rewarding and she loves to inspire the excitement of learning, creativity and helping students to think for themselves.  She enjoys seeing students be sponges by soaking up what they learn and use it to share with others.

Check out Kindergarten’s website:

Mrs. Kristine Fitze
1st Grade

Class website:

Kristine Fitze earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Education at University of Idaho. Following graduation she achieved her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Mrs. Fitze has taught at McDonald Elementary since 2001.

She loves the outdoors such as camping, fishing, boating, hiking, hunting and walking her 2 Yorkshire Terriers. She also loves baking fruit pies, reading and scrapbooking.

Mrs. Fitze loves making a difference in a child’s life in some small way. It is always good when she is teaching and a student says or does something that teaches her something too!

Mrs. Gena Hudelson
1st Grade

Class website:

Gena Hudelson grew up in Northern Virginia near Washington D.C. along the Blue Ridge Mountains.  She earned her BS in Recreation & Resource Management from the University of Montana and her Elementary Education certificate with an endorsement in Literacy from Lewis-Clark State College.

When not in the classroom, she enjoys spending time with her family outside.  Whitewater, rafting, dry fly fishing and camping on the river are her favorite activities.  In the winter, Gena and her family can be found on the ski hill on the weekends.  She also loves to cook, work on photography, travel when she can and explore with her little ones.

Mrs. Hudelson has been a professional whitewater rafting guide since the age of 17.  Within that time, her greatest accomplishment has been floating through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River four times.  That is a total of 65 days spent in the bottom of the Grand Canyon!  It has become her most treasured places to visit.  Oddly enough, she has yet to see it from the top of the rim.

Gena loves providing an atmosphere that promotes an excitement for learning!  She enjoys making her classroom feel like a community that encourages acceptance and believe in students finding their individual interests through the power of reading.

Mrs. Brenda Iverson
1st Grade

Class website:

Brenda Iverson was born and raised in Moscow, where she attended elementary, middle school and graduated from Moscow High School. She went on to attend the University of Idaho and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. In 2003, she completed her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

Mrs. Iverson and her husband, Ken, have two grown children; Emily and Kirk. Mrs. Iverson and her husband live on a farm outside of Moscow where they grow lentils, winter and spring wheat, barley and garbanzo beans. Her hobbies include; crafts, boating, traveling, watching sports and spending time with her family and friends.

Mrs. Iverson enjoys being in the classroom and getting to know each child. She loves the excitement and enthusiasm students bring each day. She truly enjoys her career; “Teaching is a fun and rewarding job!”

Mr. Lance Hamma
2nd Grade
Class website:

Lance Hamma teaches 2nd grade at McDonald Elementary. He was born in Montana and achieved his Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Physical Education from the University of Idaho. In addition, he earned his Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Idaho.

Mr. Hamma loves swimming, kayaking, rafting, hiking and chasing after his son. He loves sports especially the Green Bay Packers, of whom he boasts that he is part owner. Ask to see his Green Bay certificate if you don’t believe it! Oh, Mr. Hamma LOVES brownies.

He loves working with children. Mr. Hamma states “they are funnier, more forgiving, energetic and capable than we can imagine.” Check out the second grade website

Ms. Jana Horne
2nd Grade

Class website:

Jana Horne was born and raised in Texas. She received her Bachelor’s degree in science from Texas A & M University – WHOOP! She earned her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Idaho.

Ms. Horne loves the outdoors and spending time with family and friends. When time allows, she enjoys gardening and knitting. When she was younger she enjoyed playing sports. Basketball is her favorite sport.

Jana has one child, Connor and a lovable Golden Retriever named Dusty. Ms. Horne has rafted the Canning River in Alaska north of the Brooks Range and rafted the Middle Fork of the Salmon with a group of friends.

Ms. Horne stated “I love the challenge of making school fun and successful for every child.” Check out the second grade website

Mrs. Emily Spellman
2nd Grade

Class website:

Emily Spellman teaches 2nd Grade at McDonald Elementary. She was raised in a town outside of Philadelphia and moved to Moscow at the age of ten. She graduated from Moscow High School and went abroad to Nepal for her first semester in college. She learned lifelong lessons in Nepal and it was there that she decided to become a teacher after teaching English songs to kids in the villages. She graduated from the University of Idaho with a Master’s degree in Education along with a literacy and gifted & talented endorsement.

Other than her love for teaching, Mrs. Spellman loves to run, hike, backpack, travel and volunteer for the Humane Society of the Palouse. She has volunteered there for 20 years and been on the Board of Directors for the shelter for over ten years.

Emily enjoys spending time with her family and is married and has two young children, Maya and Reid. She is proud to admit that she is a McDonald Duck alumnus along with her husband. She stated that once her youngest child enters school her whole family will be Ducks, “once a duck, always a duck!”

Mrs. Spellman loves getting to know the students. She likes the opportunity to support them in their learning career and creating a safe and inviting environment for them to grow.

Mrs. Pepper Abbott
3rd Grade

Class website:

Pepper Abbott teaches 3rd grade at McDonald Elementary this year. She achieved her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Idaho in Elementary and Special Education.

Mrs. Abbott loves being outdoors! She enjoys hiking, biking, whitewater rafting, four wheeling, soccer, rock climbing, snowboarding and camping. If after all of this she has any spare time, she loves to quilt and knit, but top on her list is spending time with her husband, children and dog.

Some interesting facts that you may not know about Mrs. Abbott is that she spent four summers in Naknek, Alaska working in the roe room of a fish processing plant. She also fought wild fires for seven summers.

Mrs. Abbott loves knowing that she makes a difference in each and every student that she teaches.

Read more about what is happening in Mrs. Abbott’s 3rd grade class at

Mrs. Ashley Payton
3rd Grade

Class Website:

Ashley Payton currently teaches 3rd grade at McDonald Elementary. She was born and raised in Post Falls, ID and attended University of Idaho where she achieved a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance along with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. She a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction at Concordia University.

After marrying her high school sweetheart in 2014, they went on an amazing honeymoon to Maui, Hawaii where they biked down the world’s largest dormant volcano at 10,000 feet. The ride was 26 miles long, all downhill with an amazing view of the entire island.

Mrs. Payton loves that teaching gives her a direct impact on the future. School was a very positive experience for her as a learner and she strives to make that experience happen for more and more learners today. She loves that as a teacher, and admits that she is a lifelong learner and is constantly changing and perfecting her craft to make it better and better for her students. Check out Mrs. Payton’s classroom website at

Mrs. Krysta Swanger
3rd Grade

Class Website:

Krysta Swanger grew up in Cheney, Washington. She achieved her degree in Elementary Education at the University of Idaho (GO VANDALS!) in 2010. She did her student teaching in kindergarten and 2nd grade but after working a few years in kindergarten, she decided to become a substitute throughout Moscow School District. She fell in LOVE with McDonald Elementary and began teaching 3rd grade here in 2014. To see more about Mrs. Swanger’s class, go to her website at

Mrs. Swanger and her husband, Scott love to spend time with their cat Stiles. Both of their families live nearby so they also enjoy spending time with them. They enjoy camping and going to concerts.

Not only does Mrs. Swanger love teaching her students, but she is constantly learning new things from her students as well.

Mr. Wes Bascom
4th Grade

Class website:

Wes Bascom teaches 4th grade at McDonald Elementary. He grew up in Eastern Oregon and achieved his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Washington State University and his teaching certificate at University of Idaho.

Among Mr. Bascom’s many hobbies, he enjoys drumming/music, outdoors backpacking and camping. He has lived and taught in three Northwest states, Costa Rico and Mexico.

Mr. Bascom enjoys watching the lights turn on when a student interests or understanding “clicks”.

Ms. Danielle Petitmermet
4th Grade

Class Website: 

Danielle Petitmermet grew up in Cambridge, ID although she was born and lived her first five years in Sylmar, CA before moving to Cambridge.  Ms. Petitmermet graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelors in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Mathematics.  She will have her Masters in Educational Technology from Boise State University in December, 2019.

Danielle loves playing board games, crafting and hiking with her fiancé.  Some of her favorite board games are The Settlers of Catan, SteamPark and Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle.  In Moscow, she enjoys going to Moscow Mountain and exploring. 

Ms. Petitmermet graduated Summa Cum Laude at Boise State and was selected to be an usher for the College of Education.  The name Petitmermet comes from the French speaking part of Switzerland and is pronounced “Puh-tee-mer-may”.  While visiting the original Petitmermet’s in Switzerland, she learned that Petitmermet means little dwarf.

The thing that she loves about teaching is knowing that she is making a difference in the lives of students.  She has always felt compelled to make a difference in this world and feels that teaching is her calling to do so.  Seeing a student feel confident is one of her favorite things and she loves knowing that she supported them in feeling successful.

Mrs. Wendy Thompson
4th Grade

Class website:

Wendy Thompson was born in Tucson and moved here when she was three years old. She has been teaching at McDonald Elementary since 1999. She graduated from Moscow High School (Go Bears!) and went to the University of Idaho (Go Vandals!) where she earned her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and Master’s of Education degree.

Her passions include anything related to friends, family and sports. She and her family are a huge baseball family who takes their children everywhere due to sporting activities. Between baseball, basketball, soccer, softball and dance, she stays very busy. In case you didn’t notice, Mrs. Thompson is a big fan of the UI Vandals, Seattle Mariners/Seahawks, Green Bay Packers and Boston Red Sox.

She loves everything about teaching and it is the one thing that she can do to make a difference in a child’s life. She enjoys seeing the “lightbulb” go on when students start to “get it”. It keeps her busy and on the go, but she values every minute of it. McDonald School is such a great place to be. It truly is “home away from home”.


Ms. Heidi Broenneke
5th Grade

Class website:

Miss Heidi Broenneke was born and raised in Moscow.  She received her BS in Elementary Education at the University of Idaho. 

She enjoys hiking, paddle boating, going to concerts and singing.  She is a Seattle Mariner enthusiast and has been chosen as one of Idaho’s Ultimate Northwest fans the past five years!  She has a cat, Felix (namesake of Mariner Felix Hernandez) and Shishka. 

What Miss Broenneke loves most about teaching is spending time with her students.  She is the best version of herself when with them.  Teaching provides her the opportunity to foster relationships that have a lasting impact.

Ms. Staci Brandner
5th Grade

Class website:

Staci Brandner comes to McDonald Elementary from Yuma, Colorado. She moved to Moscow in 2015 after graduating from Chadron State College in Chadron, NE with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education.

Her passion is very simple, teaching! She loves working with kids and seeing them progress in their education. She reads a variety of books and loves to write poetry.

Ms. Brandner made a huge change to her life when she moved to Idaho in 2015. She decided to follow her family to Moscow to be closer to her oldest sister and since the move it has been wonderful living here. She enjoys exploring new towns and places and seeing the beautiful scenery. She is excited to claim this state as her home.

The thing that she loves most about teaching is seeing the students grow and learn. It is gratifying to see the students take the information that has been given them and have them apply it in their lives and throughout their education careers. She enjoys making those connections with students that allows for the fun, learning environment.

Specialty Staff

Mr. Aaron Schiffelbein

Class website:

Aaron Schiffelbein was born in California but grew up in western Washington in Kent, a suburb of Seattle.  He achieved his BA in Communication from Washington State University followed by MA in School Counseling from the University of Idaho.

Mr. Schiffelbein enjoys collecting and listening to vinyl records along with camping and being outdoors.  One of his favorite things is going to concerts.  He has seen a few of his favorite bands 15+ times in concert (and counting).

He loves the joy and energy students bring to school with them each day.  One of his favorite things about the work he does is seeing students make new connections and learn more about what makes them uniquely who they are.


Mrs. Lisa Carscallen
Physical Education

Class website:

Lisa Carscallen was born and raised in Moscow and graduated from Moscow High School in 1989. #GoBears She graduated from University of Idaho with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education with a minor in Health Education.

Mrs. Carscallen’s passion and hobbies are currently her kids who are both in Moscow High School. Both children are “3” sport athletes so this keeps her and her husband constantly on the go supporting them in their athletic and academic achievements. They also like to camp in the summers and travel to visit family. She planted a garden for the first time this past summer and now considers it her “new” hobby. She is active in the Moscow School District where she is on the board of the Moscow Bear Boosters.

Mrs. Carscallen has coached high school volleyball, basketball and softball and while coaching the Moscow High School girl’s basketball team they finished 3rd in 2004, 2nd in 2007 and she was named IEL coach of the year in 2004. In addition she was named Idaho Elementary Physical Education teacher of the year in 2013 and has served on the executive board of SHAPE-Idaho.

For Mrs. Carscallen, the best part of teaching is seeing the smiles on student’s faces when they learn a new skill or concept. You can see how proud they are in their accomplishments. She loves hearing stories from parents who tell how excited their children are to talk about things they have learned in P.E. She knows it is her job to help children excel and bring their knowledge home to share with their families. Physical Education is a lifelong education, we all need healthy bodies and minds for a lifetime. Mrs. Carscallen feels that she is so lucky to get to be the one who can start children off on a path to a healthy lifestyle!

Read more about what is happening in P.E. at: or scan the code to go directly to Mrs. Carscallen’s blog!

Mr. Tim Gregory


Tim Gregory was born in LaMirada, CA and moved to Omak/Okanogan, WA during elementary school and moved to Spokane, WA for his high school years.  He graduated NCHS in 1991, Attended SFCC 1992-1994 and graduated from University of Idaho with a BFA degree in fine arts (painting) and a BS in art education.

Mr. Gregory main passions is teaching.  He enjoys creating art (drawing, painting, sculpture, jewelry making), making and listening to music (writing, recording, performing and producing) and mountain biking.  Tim came in 7th in the nation for collegiate nationals in 2003 before retiring from racing in 2006.  In addition, he enjoys skateboarding and helped build the Palouse Skate Park.

His high school band opened for Green Day...twice.  He also had art hanging in the capital building in Washington DC as well in the Speaker of the house's office for a year.  He is married and has three children and one grandchild.

The thing he loves the most about teaching is learning from his students.  They always have such fun and interesting things to share. He also loves the personal connections he can make with students and the fact that he can play a major role in their formation & understanding of the world. 


Ms. Stephanie Sant

Class website:

Stephanie Sant teaches Movement at McDonald Elementary. Movement is a non-competitive creative dance class where students explore, create, respond to and perform movement and dance works. Ms. Sant received her Associate of Arts degree from Columbia Basin College in Pasco, Washington. Upon completion of her Associate’s degree, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music and in 2005, a Master’s degree in Education, both from the University of Idaho.

Ms. Sant loves to sing for community events and occasionally sings the National Anthem at sporting events. She participates in the Palouse Choral Society choirs. In addition to her work at McDonald Elementary, she teaches Choir, Jazz Choir and Opera group at Moscow High School.

Among some of Ms. Sant’s favorite things about teaching is interacting with students, watching them learn and develop from year to year.


Mrs. Kathy Stefani

Class website:

Kathy Stefani, a Moscow native, has taught elementary and secondary music for many years. She joined McDonald Elementary in 2016.

She plays numerous instruments and is an Orff Level I specialist. Kathy currently serves as President for the Idaho Music Educators Association. Mrs. Stefani is the recipient of numerous grants and she and her programs have been recognized by the Grammy Foundation. The love of music came late to Mrs. Stefani and her hope is to instill that love in her students early on.

Mrs. Geri Ray
Special Education


Geri Ray grew up in Bellingham, Washington and earned her Bachelor’s degree and teaching certification at Western Washington University. She has her Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and continues growing professionally by earning from Portland State University and University of Idaho.

In her spare time, Mrs. Ray loves taking pictures of her family along with gardening, ceramic painting and making jewelry. She finds mowing the lawn to be one of those crazy things that help relieve stress.

For Mrs. Ray, teaching is never a boring moment and she hopes her work with students will help people remember her. They will!!


Mrs. Sheryl Gomez
Special Education 


Sheryl Gomez grew up in the mountains of Salmon, ID on a cattle ranch. She received her B.S. in Zoology/Secondary Education and her Master Degree in Special Education from the University of Idaho.

Mrs. Gomez loves the outdoors, camping, hiking, fishing along with cooking and baking. She has three children and love spending time with them. Sheryl also enjoys to whittle and carve things out of wood. In fact, she makes wooden spoons and other utensils.

The students and the staff at McDonald are just amazing and make everyday a great day to go to work.



Ms. Vickie Green


Vickie Green was born in Seattle, WA, but grew up in Council, ID.  When her two sons started high school, she enrolled in LCSC, earning her bachelor’s degree in elementary education with endorsements in special education and reading. After teaching a couple of years, she became interested in the assessment part of special ed and in helping students work through difficult problems.  She enrolled in the U of I’s school psychology /counseling program and completed her internship in a remote village in Alaska.  Ms. Green taught at the U of I and served as a district special education coordinator in Nashville before returning to Council where she served as their elementary principal for the past four years.

A desire to return to her passion of working with, and hopefully helping students who view school as a difficult and sometimes, incomprehensible world, find the strategies and skills to make it more manageable and enjoyable, led her to apply for the school psychologist position in Moscow.  (That, and the fact that the Moscow/Palouse area is one of her all-time favorite places!).

Ms. Green has nine grandchildren and lives with her two German Shepherds and a fat cat.

She loves to bike, run (slowly), and is working on completing her dissertation (also slowly).

What Ms. Green loves about teaching/education are the opportunities to help children connect their interests and learning styles to find success in school and beyond.


Ms. Janet Mundell
Speech Language Pathologist

Class website:

I have lived in Pullman, Washington since 1981. I graduated with a Bachelors and Masters degree from Washington State University. I have worked for the Moscow School District for five years. In my previous school district I held the positions of Speech Language Pathologist and Special Education Director. I have two children and 5 grandchildren. I enjoy music, reading, gardening, crafting and doing “do-it-yourself” home improvement projects.


Mrs. Patty Pancheri
Reading Invervention


Patty Pancheri has been teaching since 1995 at McDonald Elementary where she works in the Gifted/Talented department and as a Reading Specialist. She achieved her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and her Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction emphasis on math instruction with a Gifted and Talented Endorsement from the University of Idaho.

She has many interests and hobbies, including spending time with her family, reading, gardening and hanging at Priest Lake with family.

The best part of the job for Mrs. Pancheri is meeting and working with students from all grade levels. She loves the energy and enthusiasm they bring to our learning communities.


Mrs. Faye Nagler


Mrs. Nagler was born and raised in Canada and moved to the USA in 1996. She has a Masters in Science, Certification in K-8 Elementary Education from the University of Idaho and an Endorsement in Library Sciences and Secondary Earth Science. She serves as the Enrichment Teacher at West Park guiding the First and Second Graders in STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, art and math); and also is the District Elementary Librarian, responsible for all four elementary school libraries.

Mrs. Nagler is passionate about encouraging a love of science, technology, and literacy in young students and providing students and staff with the tools and resources to become effective users of information and lifelong lovers of learning.

When not balancing books or teaching robotics she loves doing anything near the water, volunteering in the community, reading (of course), traveling as much as possible, worrying about her two adult daughters and trying to manage her two crazy dogs.


Mrs. Amy Lichte
Moscow School District Developmental Preschool (located in McDonald Elementary)


Amy Lichte was raised in Moscow, ID and graduated from Moscow High School. After high school she pursued a degree in Early Childhood Development and Education from the University of Idaho.

Amy enjoys creating things when she has time at home and making things for other people as gifts. She loves spending her spare time with her daughter and husband. Since graduating, she spent a couple years in Western Washington where she worked with a young child with disabilities while her husband was in the Navy. In 2016, Amy and her husband returned to Moscow to be closer to family and for family to spend more time with their young daughter.

Mrs. Lichte enjoys teaching and the daily challenges that arise. They keep her on her toes. She is constantly learning new things and strategies on how to work with different students. She loves spending her days with children and they always surprise her with things that they pick up on and share with her.


Mrs. Lindsey Wagner
Moscow School District Developmental Preschool SLP (located in McDonald Elementary)

Class website:

Lindsey Wagner is the Speech Language Pathologist in the Developmental Preschool. She received a Master of Science Degree in Speech Language Pathology from Idaho State University in 2011.

She loves running, hiking, camping and reading. She and her husband have been married three years and have traveled to Panama. They just bought their first house and have a sweet 15 years old kitty.

Mrs. Wagner loves knowing that her interventions are helping a child communicate and that those skills will help them their whole life…is the very reason she does what she does.

Support Staff


Mrs. Rachel Lambert
Developmental Preschool Assistant


Rachel Lambert was born into a military family and lived all over including twelve years in Europe. She has been in Moscow for 20+ years and calls this lovely town home.

Mrs. Lambert has 6+ years’ experience working in early education, mostly with preschool, ages two to five and has attended many hours of training including special education.

She is a mom of three very active and busy children. Her hobbies include watching them in all of their many sports. When she gets time to herself, she loves to read. The last couple of years she has been learning how to garden and enjoy the many berries & fruits that she has been learning to grow on her own. Her children love to help her come up with new ways to cook their home grown vegetables.

Rachel has been learning American Sign Language and has loved being able to use this form of communication not only in the classroom, but at home with her own children. She is teaching her five-year-old ASL so he may be able to communicate with the deaf community.

Mrs. Lambert loves watching the excitement of young children learning something new and reaching goals. She enjoys supporting them and making a difference in some small way as she learns from them as well.


Cheyenne Allen
Building Aide


Cheyenne Allen grew up in a small yet huge tourist town called Lava Hot Springs in Southeastern Idaho.  She graduated high school from Marsh Valley.

She loves animals and arts & crafts along with cheerleading.  Mrs. Allen makes personalized cups, mugs, etc. with her cricut and sells them.

She enjoys watching the kids grow and learn new skills at McDonald Elementary.


Ms. Liz Ausband
Food Service Worker


Liz Ausband was born in Meadville, PA but grew up in Woodbridge, VA outside of Washington D.C.  She has a degree in Wildlife Biology.  She has handled skunks, foxes, mice, squirrels, chipmunks and moles.

She loves hiking, nature, gardening, reading and working out.  She loves all animals.  Her first career was professional ballet dancer.  She danced for 13 years and traveled all over the United States dancing in Las Vegas and on TV.

 Liz enjoys getting to know all the students and feeding all the ducks!


Mrs. Vickie Brandner


Mrs. Brandner was born and raised in Blytheville, Arkansas and moved to Colorado in 2002. She worked at the Lone Star School District in Otis, Colorado until moving to Moscow in 2015.

When asked what brought her to Moscow, she will loudly exclaim GRANDBABIES! Vickie has two grandsons who live in Clarkston and if you can’t tell by talking to her, they are her pride and joy. She loves being Grammy.

Mrs. Brandner and her husband, when not working, spend a lot of their time exploring the Palouse. This has been a great move for them and she is very proud to be a part of the Moscow community and McDonald School.


Ms. Debi Cheslik


Debi Cheslik was born and raised in Harvey, IL in the Chicago area.  She enjoys hiking, bicycling, reading, jigsaw puzzles and watching movies.

She returned to the United States after living in Ecuador for 2 ½ years. 

Ms. Cheslik loves seeing the growth of learning in her students throughout the year.


Mrs. Rebecca Ellis
Literacy Assistant


Rebecca Elliss grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and studied Early Childhood Development at the University of Utah. 

She is a mom to 12 beautiful children.  She enjoys gardening, home improvement projects and watching her children in their various activities.  She has 2 dogs, Gracy and Charly and 8 chickens. 

Mrs. Elliss loves working at McDonald.  The teachers and the women she works with are amazing and she is blessed to be at McDonald.


Ms. Debbra Flomer
Instructional Assistant Paraprofessional


Debbra Flomer was raised on a farm in Moscow, ID. Her interests include the outdoors, gardening, making cards, cross stitching and going to the cabin on the lake.

She worked at Macy’s so long (for 17 years) that she is known as the Macy’s lady! Debbra has a black multi-poo and she is her little princess.

Ms. Flomer loves working at McDonald with the people. Everyone is so nice and friendly and the children are a delight to work with.


Mrs. Lauri Graham
Instructional Assistant Paraprofessional


Lauri Graham likes how supportive all of the staff is at McDonald Elementary and loves working with all the students who attend.

Friday is joke day at morning recess.  The students tell jokes that “quack” her up!  In return she keeps stickers in her pocket for those that would like one.

 She loves being a “Duck."


Ms. Tami Hurst
Instructional Assistant Paraprofessional


Tami Hurst was born and raised in Texas. She attended the University of Idaho and earned a degree in Sports Science and Athletic Training.

Ms. Hurst loves being a lifeguard during the summer and her favorite thing about McDonald is the office staff.


Mrs. Joanie Maag
Instructional Assistant Paraprofessional


Joanie Maag has lived in Moscow all her life.  At one time she wanted to move away, but now she absolutely loves this town.

Mrs. Maag has taken a Hunter’s Education course because she loves fishing and wants to try hunting.  She loves to bake and during her free time, you will find her in the kitchen baking up goodies.

Since 2017, Joanie and her family have been working towards getting a service dog for her daughter who has autism.  Her daughter should receive the service dog soon.

Mrs. Maag loves the staff at McDonald as everyone is so friendly and kind.  In addition, she loves working with the students and seeing them succeed.  McDonald School is a warm, inviting and safe place for kids to learn.


Mrs. Holly Monson
Instructional Assistant


Holly Monson grew up in Tempe, AZ and moved to Moscow in 1997.  Mrs. Monson is currently working on a dual Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Special Education.

She loves spending time with her children, attending their various activities and talking them in to playing cards with her anytime she can.  She also likes a good craft project.

Mrs. Monson has been married to her high school sweetheart for 25 years.  She has four children, three girls and one boy plus two dogs.

The students are her favorite part of working at McDonald Elementary. She enjoys making new friends with the rest of the staff.  She has found McDonald to be the happiest and warmest places to work.


Ms. Margaret Parsley
Head Cook




Mrs. Connie Pope
Instructional Assistant


Connie Pope was born in Eric, PA and moved to Utah at age 3 where she grew up. One of the most memorable things she did in school was participate in Odyssey of the Mind when she was in 5th grade. Her group won at the state level and then traveled to Iowa for the world competition. It was also her first time on an airplane!

She married her high school sweetheart and is now The Pope’s wife. They have four amazing daughters! Connie enjoys spending time with her family, which inevitably means being a chauffeur to schools, practices, games, friends’ houses and whatever else they can think of. She is very excited for her oldest to gain her driver’s license. She also enjoys camping, four-wheeling, swimming, reading, going on dates with her husband, watching her girls participate in sports and dancing in the kitchen with her girls to very loud music.

Connie has been at McDonald since 2013. She loves coming to work and seeing the kids and staff.  

Mr. Vince Rathbun


Vince Rathbun works at McDonald Elementary as the day custodian. He was born and raised in Moscow, ID. His educational history includes Gunsmithing and USMC.

Vince interests includes his cats, hunting, fishing and just being outdoors. Mr. Rathbun proudly served in the USMC. He has one daughter, eight cats and a dog.

When asked what he loves most about working at McDonald Elementary he stated that he likes the people he works with.


Mrs. Holli Rehder
Literacy Assistant


Holli Rehder grew up in Cottonwood, ID. She enjoys spending time with her family, running and watching her boys at their sports activities.

One of the things that she loves about working at McDonald Elementary is seeing the kids smile as they learn something new each day.


Mrs. Jordan Roesler
Instructional Assistant Paraprofessional


Jordan Roesler is a special education paparprofessional at McDonald Elementary.  Jordan has worked with children in an educational setting ranging from infants to high school for 17 years.  She has a BS in Psychology from Washington State University and a masters in teaching from City University – Seattle.

Jordan is a born and raised Idaho native.  In her free time, you can find her with a good book in her hand.  Jordan also enjoys going to WSU football games, traveling, camping, swimming and any other activities with her busy family.


Mrs. Linda Rogers


Linda Rogers was born in California, then moved to Elk River as a child when the road between Bovill and Elk River was still gravel! Her dad wanted to get away from all the people in CA at that time, and boy, did he! Soon after, the family moved to the country between Deary and Troy on a small farm. Wonderful place to grow up – Linda had her own horse, cows, cats, and dog. After graduation from high school, the University of Idaho was her next home. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics.

Linda and her husband have one daughter; she teaches kindergarten in Chicago’s Chinatown. Anything out of doors – animals, trees, yard work, and taking trips through our beautiful country are on the top of her list.

Mrs. Rogers has been a secretary at McDonald Elementary School since 1990. Before that, she was a secretary for an elementary school in the Whitepine School District for four years. The McDonald staff is great to work with and the children are fantastic!


Mrs. Jeanne Sanford
Library Aide


Jeanne Sanford began her career at McDonald School in 2011 and joined the library in 2014. One of her favorite quotes by Dr. Seuss is “You’re Never Too Old, Too Wacky, Too Wild, To Pick Up a Book, and Read to a Child.”


Mr. Peter Sarracino
Instructional Assistant


Peter Sarracino is from Fort Myers, FL and studied at Stetson University in DeLand, FL.  He has lived in Moscow since 2018.

He loves music, bicycles, hiking and pretty much anything outdoors.  Mr. Sarracino claims to be an extreme extrovert but feels the most “me” when backpacking with one or two other people or just being alone reading a good book.

Peter looks forward to the opportunity to learn and grow in this profession among supportive and helpful mentors.


Mr. Eric Stefanchik
Instructional Assistant Paraprofessional


Eric Stefanchik was born in New York City but relocated to Seattle, WA with his family when he was five years old. He graduated from the University of Idaho in 2017 with a degree in Recreation, Sport and Tourism Management.

Some of Eric’s biggest passions are watching and playing sports, fishing and cooking. In addition to his work at McDonald, he also coaches basketball at Moscow High School.



Mr. Sean Sullivan
Instructional Assistant Paraprofessional


Sean Sullivan was born in Simi Valley, CA. He graduated from the University of Idaho in 2000 and earned a degree in PE & School & Community Health Ed.

He worked as a PE teacher for five years in Ventura, CA and has worked throughout Moscow School District as a para professional. Sean loves the students, parents and the fun, supportive staff at McDonald Elementary.


Mrs. Camille Thompson
Food Service Worker



Mrs. Ashlee Toone
Building Aide


Ashlee Toone grew up in Northern California.  Her children are her first and greatest passion.  After them and in no particular order, she enjoys reading, hiking, napping (just being real!), Breyer’s Mint Chip ice cream, Dr. Pepper and helping children succeed and putting smiles on their faces.

Mrs. Toone recently got a family pet, an adorable Jack Russell name Wilson.  She married her high school sweetheart.  She plans to run her first Spartan race in the summer of 2020 with her husband.

She loves the students and staff here at McDonald School.


Mrs. Jessica Woffinden
Building Aide


Jessica Woffinden lived in Portland, Oregon until she was eight, and has lived in New Mexico, Wisconsin, Washington, the other side of Idaho, and Hawaii before coming to Moscow in 2015. She has loved moving around and meeting all kinds of people and experiencing different cultures. She wears a plumeria flower in her hair every day to remind her of Hawaii and keeping the Aloha spirit strong!

Jessica has taught swim lessons for eight years, and is great with kids. She has found for her that the most fulfilling jobs are with children, and being part of their growth development. She is always positive, and sees each child with the potential to be whatever they want to be someday.

Mrs. Woffinden is passionate about snowboarding, and competes in Snowboardcross (similar Motocross, but flying down a mountain) as part of the United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association. Her husband Zach is her coach and is helps her to get pumped up to compete with the best in the nation!

Jessica loves working at McDonald Elementary as an aide at the crosswalk, playground, and bus line, and enjoys getting to know all of the students. She is new to McDonald, but has a goal to learn every child's name before the end of the school year. She is constantly asked by the kids for pushes on the swings, to watch them do a trick on the bars, to referee soccer and football, and to chase them around on the playground. She loves seeing the students having fun and making good memories. She is excited to be a duck!