Talent Show Guidelines

Announcing: McDonald Talent Show 2023 is on Thurs., Nov. 30 in the Moscow High School Auditorium! Share your talents with us!  

Talent Show Tryouts next month! Don’t miss this special chance to share what you do best! In Movement class, students sign up for a tryout time and date, beginning with grades 3-5 Nov. 6-10 and grades K-2 Nov. 13-16. They will need to bring all props, accompaniment music, sheet music, instruments, etc. for their act on their assigned date and time (no costumes necessary at tryouts). Due to time and space constraints only students who are absent because of illness will be permitted to make up their missed tryout time. 


October: talk about Talent Show in Movement 

Oct. 30: Talent Show signups for tryouts begin in Movement classes 

Nov. 6-10: tryouts for grades 3-5 at lunch times 

Nov. 13-16: tryouts for grades K-2 at lunch times 

Nov. 29 (Weds): mandatory meeting for selected participants after school 

Nov. 30: dress rehearsal 12:30-2:45 at MHS (bus transportation) 

Nov. 30: Talent Show 2023 @ 6 p.m at Moscow High School Auditorium 

Students try out for a committee of McDonald staff and faculty, who select acts for the show.  
  • Students plan and practice on their own time. Some choose to use recess time or get together outside of school. Preparation is key in your student’s confidence on stage. Acts improvised on the spot at try-outs will not be selected.  
  • At the try-outs, acts must appear well-rehearsed, entertaining, and follow a one-minute time limit. Students will be notified at their try-out if they will participate in the Talent Show.  
  • Grades 3-5 try-out days will be Nov. 6-10 during lunch times. Only school staff will be present. 
  • K-2 try-out days will be Nov. 13-16. Only school staff will be present. 
  • Any number of McDonald students can participate in an act—the more, the merrier! Family and multi-grade acts are encouraged! A student may perform in one act. 4th and 5th graders doing a Movement dance may choose to perform in one additional act of their own. 
  • Students who sing a song must have live instrumental accompaniment or recorded accompaniment without the lead vocals to help them stay on pitch. You can download a karaoke version of a song from an on-line music download service and save the mp3 file onto a bluetooth enabled device, or attach an auxiliary cord to the device to send with your child for the try-out.  If you use YouTube, please use the entire web address rather than shortened ones, otherwise it may not play on our devices for the show. This mp3 file will be submitted to a shared folder by the pre-show meeting Weds, Nov. 29. Other types of sound files than mp3 may not play on the high school’s equipment, so it’s best to check the file type and use a converter such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc. to convert the file to an mp3. 
  • Students need to bring all props, accompaniment music, sheet music, instruments, etc., necessary for the act when they try out. Costumes are not necessary at the try-outs. 
  • Selected participants will need to attend a mandatory meeting Weds, Nov. 29 in the Music Room after school. 
  • Mandatory dress rehearsal will be the afternoon of Thurs, Nov. 30 (students will need to make up school work missed during that rehearsal). 
  • You won’t want to miss this exciting night for your student, as an audience member or a performer! Please reach out if you have questions, 208-882-0228.